Why not to sell your home for cash

Selling your home to an eager cash buyer is the least likely way that you'll sell your home for what it's worth. 

Who are Cash Buyer

Cash buyers are generally investors looking for opportunities to purchase a home below market value so that they can add some paint, do a few upgrades and resell the home at a profit. In order to do this thier initial purchase must be low enough to yield a profit after the sell or else, it's not worth their time and effort.   If you have someone eager to purchase your home for cash this is the #1 sign that your home needs to be put on the market. 

Hi I'm Erica a Realtor in the East Bay Area

We offer 2 solutions for our clients looking to sell and needing to sale fast. 

1. We are putting your house on the market - it's the only way you'll get what you deserve for your home.  

2. For those needing to sell fast - We offer a 15 day multiple offer guarantee in which you sell your home as is. If you do not recieve multiple offers in 15 days we will pay you 500

2. If you are looking to get the maximum value of your home give us  1-2 weeks to get our house  showcase ready, where we will send out our declutter specialist, house cleaners, stagers, landscapers and professional photographers to get your home ready for it's big debut.

The next step is allowing us to show you what your home is really worth. 

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Wait...Before you Sell Your Home For Cash. Read this first!

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